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Happy Human Rights Day !!!

Let’s respect and appreciate all humankind rights…

Happy Human Rights Day !!!

Let’s respect and appreciate all humankind rights…

She’s back in her shape..

She’s back in her shape..

Hi to all youth in the WORLD ..
and of course for INDONESIA :)

For all youth and people in THE WORLD :

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(Need your help to like this link and vote for it ya guys, open the link first if u have free time, please register first and vote for it (login first). It’s a project about Disaster Management in Indonesia)
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Mari melakukan perubahan untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik !! :)
*Let’s make changes for a better Indonesia !! :) *

-Indonesia Focal Point-
Indonesia Menginspirasi …

Friday is Indonesian Day !!!

Hey all youth in Indonesia, 
if you want to contribute for our country, have passion in human right and social things. Come and join “Indonesia Menginsparasi” , here is the link :


Let’s buid up Indonesia together for better Indonesia in future :)

- Amor Bayu -
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KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission)

Indonesia is one of the country that has the worst corruption in the world even in the ASEAN region. Corruption in Indonesia is like a habit, from small things to big things. Not only is corruption money even when corruption was done in Indonesia. The more severe government corruption has been rooted and it’s like, from the bottom up to the leaders at the top.

It is very sad for citizens. Seeing the condition of citizens who most people can not afford (poor). Therefore, a lot of anti-corruption movements that occurred in Indonesia. Until formed KPK (Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi/Corruption Eradication Commission). Its duties include investigating and prosecuting corruption cases and monitoring the governance of the state. It has the authority to request meetings and reports in the course of its investigations.It can also authorize wiretaps, impose travel bans, request financial information about suspects, freeze financial transactions and request the assistance of other law enforcement agencies.(“Vision and Mission”. KPK website. Retrieved 28 August 2012). It also has the authority to detain suspects, including well-known figures, and frequently does so.

With the Commission, can be seen performance of the Commission is quite interesting. This is evidenced by the number of corruption cases that have been revealed by Commission and forward to the court. Although not all cases of corruption rises to the top, but every year there must be the case that came to light. This was the positive thing, but still not satisfactory. Many cases that have been raised but still floating without any certainty. There is even some speculation that thinks that there is playing behind the KPK authorities in Indonesia. However, judging from the positive side, the Commission is a good start to making Indonesia the country free of corruption. It can be seen from year to year, with the corruption of Indonesia cases decreased.

It takes great awareness to do this. Despite the Commission, we as youth. People who will continue to lead this nation and in the future. We must remain aware of this corruption. We still have to keep an eye on the performance of the government and the Commission itself in order to stay on the right track.

With togetherness and awareness is high we as youth, I’m sure we can make changes going forward. Nothing is impossible in this world if we keep trying and praying.


Corruption often we know such as bribery, kickback, or, baksheesh. 

The word “corrupt” (Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to abuse or destroy : com-intensive pref. and rumpere, to break) when used as an adjective literally means “utterly broken” ( "Corrupt | Define Corrupt at". Retrieved 2010-12-06.)


Today, corruption has become a habit for many people. No exception to the government a country, where people - people who are in government, is the belief that the people trusted to run the government of a country that the country becomes more developed and better.

Own corruption in government, a lot happens in developing countries, for example, is Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Corruption in Indonesia is growing systematically. For many people corruption is no longer a crime, but merely a habit. Progression corruption in Indonesia also supported the elimination of corruption in Indonesia. But until now the eradication of corruption in Indonesia has not shown a bright spot to see Indonesia’s ranking in corruption comparisons between countries remains low. It is also evident from the number of cases of corruption in Indonesia.

Therefore, we as youth who are candidates for the future leader of a nation. Let us together make a change. Be an agent of change. With self-awareness and then we spread disseminated to people.  I’m sure will be a positive change in the future.

The Southeast Asian Youth Volunteers Network is a regional platform that seeks to encourage the ASEAN youth to make positive impact on the ASEAN Community at large, especially its communities in need…


The Southeast Asian Youth Volunteers Network is a regional platform that seeks to encourage the ASEAN youth to make positive impact on the ASEAN Community at large, especially its communities in need, by connecting them with each other and other partners such as NGOs, governments and the ASEAN for institutional support, funding, etc. Through our online network and future activities, we
 seek to empower young people like ourselves by supporting socially-relevant projects and promoting volunteerism in the region.

Key Definitions:

1. ASEAN youth- Southeast Asian nationals aged 18-30 years old
2. Volunteerism- The practice of engaging in social service in one’s community, without acquiring unnecessary financial gain
3. Network- as a network, we work as a platform for ASEAN youth from all fields, races, religions, genders and other backgrounds to come together and be connected
4. Positive impact - A key value that the network upholds, which is preserving the quality of volunteer work that young people engage in, through special attention to the critical thinking of social issues and sustainability of efforts


To facilitate the implementation of this network, the “Working Group for Asean Youth Volunteers” was created by careful selection of two focal points per member state, who are active volunteers themselves. We are currently in the process of consulting and collaborating with ASEAN bodies, regional youth organisations, national youth institutions and other stakeholders. 
Chek our Facebook Page :

Our Contact Email:
Credits to Aildrene Tan from the Philippines for the organisation logo

I just find it in youtube„ what a great cover of Rihanna’s song “We Found Love” by Jessie J..

Jessie J, she’s great, awesome.. in my opinion, she has high musicality.

This We Found Love cover, it’s so different with Rihanna’s version„ from music with touch of lil’ acoustic (there’s cajoon in there) and the way Jessie sing this song is stunning.

Overall this is the best cover version of we found love that i ever heard. Jessie J did well.. Nice job :)

Loveeee it …

you better watch it guys, im sure you’ll like it..

FINALLY the official music video ” Never Gonna Stop ” by Sara Wijayanto ( @SaraWijayanto ) release in youtube..

This is acoustic version featuring Mike’s ( @mikes_jkt ) „ just like always this band absolutely awesome in every performances..

For some people who loves Sara maybe already know about this song. Because Sara often sing this song when she become a guest in a show.

About this song, it’s sweet song all about love and very easy listening. That’s why the lyrics still stuck in my head and plus Dendy voice„ hmmm make this song more awesome, hehehe.

I love the music video, simple, warm n nice. At first when i watch this mv, i thought the story line is Sara has crush on Dendy.. hahahaha but i was wrong..

So the conclusion is this music video worth to watch and no doubt, Sara looks stunning like always n this video. Cant wait too see another project from Sara.

*to Mba Sara : please come to Surabaya„ Mike’s already perform in here more than twice. hehehe #goyangbahu :p *

KONY 2012

Lot of people dont know anything about what happen in the other side of the world. Most of them think, that they life is the worst thing ever. but before, u better watch this video and do something. at least spread it.. we as human we have to help each other, there’re lot that u can do for help them. the easiest one are watch this video and spread it.

open this website: and please watch this video..


We can end it all if we are do it TOGETHER